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A robust backend is necessary to govern what happens on the server end. It enables consistent input transmission and reception through the front end and aids in data processing for action end balance.

Fixdot, one of the leading providers of backend as a service, has a track record of success in developing, optimising, and deploying server-side code, drafting intricate functional protocols, building libraries and other components to maintain architectural consistency, and outlining organisational structures to enhance the performance of your web- and mobile-based product.

Utilise our back-end development services to improve your core IT environment by creating complicated server-side layers, enabling cloud integration, and facilitating smart digital transformation methods.


Turbocharge Your App with Backend Development Services

Our backend infrastructure development services go beyond simply connecting a database and server; they also include producing a solution that operates efficiently and gains users’ trust.

Custom Backend Development

To store, analyse, and manage data from various sources, create unique, intelligent, and incredibly focused backend solutions for complicated online and mobile interfaces.

Backend API Management

With the aid of state-of-the-art backend API development services, we can assist you in designing, deploying, and managing intricate user interfaces in stable and highly secure environments.

Enterprise Backend Services

Use frameworks like PHP, Java, and.NET to build complicated EDA workflows, distributed SOA systems, middle wire layers, and SOAP Web Services to provide enterprise business solutions.

Cloud Migration Services

In order to meet your expanding business needs and keep up with escalating market expectations, you can seamlessly transfer your traditional backend infrastructure to a public, private, or hybrid cloud server.

Backend CRM Development

Implement intelligent CRM solutions to meet rising business outputs backed by superior backend solutions while complying to all accepted standards and best practises in technology

Application Admin Backend

Add powerful extensions to your interfaces, like analytical tracking, push notifications, and cloud-based databases, with robust backend engines to drive seamless user experience

Scalable Backend Solutions That Support Your Vision

The high-functioning experts who make up Fixdot’s backend development team for its mobile and web applications are dedicated to advancing technology and providing comprehensive backend services to businesses of all sizes.

We offer our unparalleled support to your development projects as a respectable backend firm, utilising cutting-edge server-side technologies, strong databases, and highly secure authentication systems to ensure seamless data transfer across servers, apps, and databases.

That Leads to Your Success: Our Proven Backend Software Development Process

Our backend infrastructure development services go beyond simply connecting a database and server; they also include producing a solution that operates efficiently and gains users’ trust.

Gathering Project Requirements

Prior to creating a precise project roadmap, our back end development specialists thoroughly analyse your project needs and corporate goals.

Selecting a Hiring Model

Every company is different. We provide a variety of engagement models as a result, so you may select the one that best meets your growth objectives.

Onboarding and Development

We start the actual development process when you hand-select the qualified applicants, allowing you to monitor project progress and frequently make necessary revisions.

Maintenance and Support

Following the completion and deployment of the backend solution, our support team keeps an eye on the server, performs routine updates, and provides post-production maintenance.

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