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Sales and Marketing Software development services

Fixdot Technologies is your go-to partner for the creation of time- and money-saving Sales & Marketing software solutions. For inbound marketing workflows like content marketing platforms, email marketing automation, and more, we offer sales lead management software solutions. No matter where you are in your journey, you can accelerate your DevCom solutions and increase ROI by working with industry experts, analytics, and support engineers to get advice, prescriptive best practices, and knowledge.

Our Expertise in Sales & Marketing

To meet your business objectives, investigate Fixdot Technologies’ software solutions for all sales & marketing activities across many industries.

Progressive Web Apps

To help your business, we create quick progressive web apps. You will receive a responsive web solution that will work well on all platforms and adjust to any mobile device.

CRM & Marketing Databases

With the best software, our experts will make your company shine. You could even develop your own unique business management system in addition to upgrading your current CRM/ERP system.

Data & Application Integration

With our integration services, we help you grow your business. Additionally, relational databases and live operational data between two or more apps can both be integrated.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our programmers can create your website utilizing the best CMS. You can build a customized version or select pre-built CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento.

Custom Software Solutions

Create a custom software product to execute persuasive omnichannel campaigns, boost conversion rates, and leverage adtech for your company. This will help you take your sales and marketing operation to the next level.

Softwre Development For Sales and Marketing

Businesses of all sizes, from startups to enterprises, can use Fixdot Technologies’ comprehensive marketing software development services.

E-Commerce Solutions

The goal of e-commerce software solutions is to make it easier for businesses to start and operate an online store by allowing them to handle their e-commerce activities on a single platform.


In order to improve customer experience and retention, sales, service, and marketing teams can collect, analyze, and manage customer data with the use of RM (Customer Relationship Management) software,

Mailing Software

With features like managing mailing lists, creating emails, and tracking open and read rates, mailing software is a crucial component of digital marketing.

SMM Solutions

The management of a company's social media presence can be tracked, planned, automated, and handled using a variety of generic and platform-specific solutions provided by social media marketing software. These tools increase viewer interactions by utilizing marketing techniques.

Lead Management

Fixdot Technologies offers tools that make lead generating simple and effective. Utilize a variety of venues to attract customers and direct them toward your offering. You may monitor the connection between user experience and your campaign activities with the help of structures for efficient lead management.

Target Content

The secret to effective web development for digital marketing software development is the creation of tailored content apps. Our tools are created with your team's unique requirements in mind, empowering them to produce, publish, optimize for SEO, and market content online.

We at Fixdot Technologies develop and support custom software solutions for business owners all around the world.

Our team of highly skilled marketing software developers specializes in creating niche solutions from scratch or incorporating specialized software into current systems.

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