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Logistics & Transport Development

Logistics business is not merely about shipping boxes from one stop to another. It involves timely and safe delivery of goods to the customer while competing with other logistics providers and fighting for a piece of profit when the margins are low. Intelligent technology systems can help you optimize your supply chain and give you an edge over your competitors

Warehouse Management System

Scalable and readily customizable warehouse management contributes to better order and stock management, stock planning, human resource management, reduced transportation costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Discard the outdated paper-pencil and spreadsheet techniques to make room for optimised logistics software development services that will streamline your company’s operations.

Transportation Management

Complex transportation procedures are automated by transportation management systems, which also aid in-vehicle monitoring and provide real-time updates. Additionally, they help to improve the effectiveness of the entire transportation cycle, which entails tasks like setting prices, billing customers, planning routes and transport, monitoring and reporting on progress, creating invoices, and more.

Warehouse Management System

With the aid of our warehouse management software, which has been specifically tailored to meet your company’s needs, you can automate your material flow regardless of the products or industry, gain clarity on warehousing operations, plan and manage material handling, and allocate duties to the personnel.

GPS Tracking Software

A GPS fleet tracking system is an essential tool for managing and optimising fleet use, cutting fuel costs, carrying out scheduled maintenance, planning routes, tracking drivers’ overtime, and ensuring that health and safety regulations are followed. The loading and processing of goods, freight transportation, real-time data provisioning, electronic document exchange, and logistic activity optimisation can all be sped up with the aid of comprehensive and effective GPS tracking software.

Importance of Technology in Logistics

Increased fleet productivity and optimum vehicle use

The overall fleet productivity is increased through reduced total cost of ownership, vehicle lifecycle management, fuel expense tracking, and minimising idle time.

Continuous interaction between stakeholders

Better decision-making is made possible by the ease of data exchange and communication across stakeholders, including producers, retailers, suppliers, and distributors.

Automation to prevent mistakes

Automate corporate operations to eliminate inconsistent data, duplicate and wasteful processes, and human error to shorten the entire shipping cycle.

Efficiency in operations and lower costs

An automated back-end, seamless data transfer to the ERP system, and efficient inventory control all contribute to increased efficiency and lower total costs.

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