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Retail & Ecommerce Software Development

It is an open secret that consumer trends and desires are swiftly evolving in the retail industry. In addition, businesses must contend with severe competition from new e-commerce platforms. As a result, it has become crucial for businesses to exploit technology to its fullest potential in order to preserve their exposure and sales.

Make use of Fixdot’s significant expertise in e-commerce and retail software development to develop and produce unique solutions. Create omnichannel solutions that allow you to easily adapt and grow while addressing your difficulties with inventory, data consistency, centralization, sales, and visibility. Our retail software development team has been providing ecommerce solutions that not only aid in the integration of business processes but also adhere to a data-driven methodology to gather in-depth customer insights, boost sales, understand market trends, and use the most up-to-date UI UX methodology for the highest levels of client satisfaction.


Our team of skilled developers and analysts comprehends your business processes and pain points to create software solutions that address a variety of issues, such as integration with ERP systems, custom POS systems, consumer analytics, and customer interaction systems.


Over the years, we have developed user-friendly retail e-commerce platforms that are scalable, prepared to handle huge traffic counts, have engaging user interfaces, and offer simple solutions for inventory management, shipping, and payment.

Mobile Apps

Customers and retail personnel may make decisions on the go thanks to mobile apps. We create mobile apps for e-commerce, point of sale (POS), warehousing and inventory management, among other uses that streamline operations and help with making quicker and better decisions.

Ecommerce Web Application

Ecommerce Store

For B2B or B2C enterprises, customise open source technologies to create integrated and functionally rich ecommerce platforms that boost branding, online sales, and customer engagement.

Product Management

Create a strong product management system that supports pricing, product life cycle maintenance across all platforms, catalogue image organisation, and product categorization.

Payment Solution

Choose a secure integration with a third-party payment gateway for an e-commerce business. Give customers access to e-wallet choices for quick and simple transactions.

Inventory Management

Some of the features include managing orders and inventory status, warehouse integration, SKUs and barcodes, trends and inventory optimisation, and stock notifications.


Manage your SKUs, orders, packaging, printing shipping labels, shipping, tracking, pickups, items return, etc. centrally and keep track of them.

Integration With ERP

The process moves more quickly and the margin for error is smaller when the other systems are properly integrated with the ERP, and real-time data tracking across all departments is also possible.

Marketing & Sales

Managing CRM systems, marketing initiatives, consumer trends, analytics, complaints and customer service, reporting, etc. effectively will improve sales success.

Digital Marketing

Using AI, chatbots, and real-time personalisation, streamline your omnichannel marketing and customer support to provide customers a focused and engaging purchasing experience.

Loyalty & Promotion

Based on sales reports, market trend analysis, customer purchase history, and other data, manage holiday sales promotions, customer loyalty programmes, and point generation.

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