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The rise of online commerce and E-Commerce portals, disruption was more than just a trendy phrase in 2020. The pandemic has expedited the digital transformation in e-commerce. If you have a user-friendly e-commerce platform, your online store can generate rapid returns to your business. Fixdot offers customised e-commerce solutions to assist you in expanding the reach of your business. Aside from providing agile marketing to your brand value, you also need to make sure that technical elements are appropriately positioned and put into practise. We at Fixdot have been providing outstanding custom e-commerce software solutions across platforms and achieving successful large-scale project completion for clients.

The typical e-commerce software solutions are they too complicated?

E-commerce CMSs may be too constrained to operate well. When you anticipate a significant data move from legacy systems, they give up. Additionally, you are unable to modify indexing criteria so that recently updated products appear when and where you want them to. With the use of Fixdot’s practises for creating custom e-commerce software, firms have tapped into the capability to create a specialised digital store on the web and mobile.

We aim to succeed by utilising the top development processes.

We aim to succeed by utilising the top development processes.

E-commerce software development involves more than merely destroying the supply chain. For an Omni-Channel experience, it might be a terrific tool to collect and feed client data straight to your CRM systems. The development options offered by Fixdot encourage seamless connection with external portals. This supports BI & Analytics reports for analysing consumer behaviour and enables you to make important decisions right away.

Reports on sales, product popularity, and transactions.

Integration of a scalable and performant database.

Affordable & Secure.

Integration of Google Analytics and the Breadcrumb Navigation

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