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Is running your educational institutions turning into a monumental effort? Do you find it challenging to stay current with governmental rules, educational board policies, scheduled activities, etc.? Parents today are increasingly interested in their children’s education and want to know about important school activities. It is worthwhile to think about outsourcing school administration software development to us if your institution lacks the IT infrastructure necessary to create software that handles all of these functions. A team of highly qualified developers and engineers at Fixdot Technologies have the know-how to create software that will assist you in managing all of your school’s administrative duties. We can help you with a variety of management activities, including payroll, front office, and others, whether you require curriculum modules for students and staff or support with other things.

School Management Software Development Services

In order to give different stakeholders access to crucial information at any time and on any platform of their choosing, Fixdot creates school management software as a single integrated solution. You can manage your everyday administrative tasks at school with the aid of this. The characteristics of the software we create include:

Admission Management

The most important administrative tasks for a school are admissions. Our platform enables schools to track and compare student data, including test and interview scores and more, making it easier and quicker for the admissions staff to do its duties.

Fee Management

This module takes care of fee collection, late payment fines, keeping track of defaulters, refunds, advance collections, transportation payments, cafeteria payments and printing receipts. We can set up the system to notify parents when fees are past due or payments are being made late.

Student Information

Complete information about each student can be kept on file by the school, including their academic, co-curricular, extracurricular, and extracurricular activities, exam results, grades, club memberships, ID cards, fees paid and payable, medical history, any disciplinary actions, and so on.

Payroll Management

Similar to a payroll system used by businesses, this aids the school in keeping track of the wages due to teachers, clerks, administrative staff, janitors, and other employees. We can modify it to include advance salary payments, loans taken out during unpaid leave, gratuities, TDS, and other deductions.

Examination Management

Exams are stressful for teachers as well as pupils. The school management software’s examination feature aids teachers in the creation of question banks, reports, scheduling, score analysis, grades, and question paper preparation.


Staff Information

Schools must also maintain track of all staff members, academic and non-academic, issue ID cards, and monitor open positions and retirements, among other things. Our programmers ensure that you can efficiently do all of these tasks. The technology will also assist in monitoring employee performance.

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