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PPC marketing involves marketing any website or blog through search engines, through which it appears at a higher level in the sponsored area of ​​search results. We provide best PPC services at affordable prices in NCR Faridabad/India Delhi. We have a good experience in generating leads for our clients at a low cost to our clients. Our PPC Management Services team has a fine skill to adapt to every business industry.

What We Do

PPC Management

 Competetive Research

 PPC Audits

 Conversion Optimization

 Display Advertising

 Social Advertising

 Meta Search


What We Do

PPC Management

Competitive Research

PPC  Audits

 Conversion Optimization

 Display Advertising

 Social Adevertizing

 Meta Search


PPC Management Services

Some of the popular advertising platforms are Google, Facebook, Bing etc. We have used lead generation techniques for our clients. Google Ads is a word. Let us see the background of Google Ads. Launched in the year 2000, the term Google Ads, Google Ads can be defined as Google’s online advertising platform through which you display your ads on Google and partner network websites. Google’s PPC allows your businesses to create and pay for ads to relevant audiences based on keywords in their Google search.

  • PPC helps improve search rankings in paid auction results.
  • It also improves local or organic search rankings.
  • It indirectly helps to improve SEO.
  • It helps to pull off marketing for the business
  • It helps in lead generation for you

Website Quality Score

PPC Marketing

We use Website Quality Score and Average Bid strategies for our campaigns. Our team improves website quality score with the help of our SEO service. PPC advertising is a very fair and best campaign for each of the Google rewards agencies. If you are looking to generate new leads or new customers for your services or products, fixdot digital marketing company can generate revenue for your business, contact our PPC advertising agency in NCR Faridabad/India Delhi to know more Do it.

Some benefits of google ad words

There are some special features of Google Ads like No Visit No Fee. The Google Ads signup process is completely free and you only pay if your ad is doing the right thing or clicking on that particular keyword. You can start google ads with any budget like 1000 or 10000 you can start with as much as you want

To Attract More Customers

(PPC) Google Ads can help drive new visitors to our website, and increase online sales, or keep customers coming back to bring in more.

People at the right Time

whenever people search for what you have to offer, your business is specifically shown
to on the top page of Google.

locally or

Whether you advertise locally or globally – you can target your customers through your ads in specific areas at a distance from your business

Major Types

Search Ads (PPC) – Search ads are Google ads that are shown first (SERP) on the search engine results page whenever someone searches for relevant keywords matching the advertiser’s website. So search ads are shown in text formats. If we want to run search ads for your business, there is one important thing that we should keep in mind whenever we create a search ad campaign whatever the term is the keyword match type. These are the four types of search keyword mail types:-

  • Broad match
  • Phrase Match
  • Negative match
  • Exact match
  • Search
  • Display

Limits of a Google ads account

Display ads are advertisements that can be shown in video or text, image formats. These display ads appear on over two million websites as well as over 650,000 apps, allowing your ads to appear anywhere your audience is. Display ads can have different formats like videos, banners, images etc. Group Limits of Campaigns and Ads :- You can create 10,000 campaigns per account which includes (active and paused campaigns).
Targeting Limits: – Five million ad groups targeting items in each account targeting
Ad extension limit :- 2,50,000 ad group level extensions per account
Ad Limit :- 300 Images Per Ad Group
This was an overview of Google Ads. If you want to get PPC marketing services in Faridabad. So you can contact Fixdot. Fixdot is one of the best advertising agency in Faridabad which provides its services to its clients globally. We have PPC Services, SEO Services, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing Services Services etc.