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Our NEO Banking Solutions

Regardless of your sector, our scalable neobank solutions can streamline the way you handle quick payouts by connecting APIs and automating payments like never before! Our neobanking products include all the tools you might possibly need to conveniently collect and track payments.

Bank Account Management

Get hold of the best bank account management tools so that you may improve banking for your business and have greater control over your finances while paying for costs.

Payment Gateway

Our automated accounting solution makes it simple to integrate our payment gateway, collect payments through a variety of channels, including UPI and mobile wallets, and keep track of them.

Payment Solution

To help you collect and distribute payments, our company payment solution manages bulk quick payouts, speeds up invoicing, creates GST-ready invoices, and more.

Expense Management

By distributing VISA and corporate credit cards to your team, our scalable cost management solution streamlines your workforce’s spending and outlays.

Reward Management

With a selection of carefully chosen applications and top-notch rewards programs on services related to your business account, you may improve your financial operations.

Payroll System

With no hassles, enjoy all the benefits of a fully integrated payroll system. With a few clicks, you can easily handle payroll, pay salaries immediately, and pay TDS.

Cash Management

You can monitor, track, and manage every aspect of your business from cash management to reimbursements to accounts payable and receivable from a single dashboard.

Invoice Management

To create paperless invoices for your business that are GST compliant and to effortlessly collect payments, use our automated invoice management solution.

Virtual Cards

Start using digitally generated virtual cards to track and manage online spending in real-time for your company in the simplest and most intelligent way possible.

Do you want to build your own unique neobank solution?

Set up a free appointment with one of our specialists to discuss your requirements for developing neobank solutions so that you may provide your clients with a comprehensive range of convenient digital financial services.

Benefits of NEO Banking

With the help of traditional banks, Fintech businesses can provide banking services and financial solutions thanks to the neobanking concept. Users of Neobank may get the best of both worlds. Customers who continue to use traditional banking services can benefit from developments in the Fintech sector. Check out some crucial advantages of a neobank:

Easier account creation compared to traditional banks.


80% of legacy financial services companies will close their doors by 2030 because they cannot compete with large digital platforms and Fintech applications.

Highly convenient and user-friendly banking services.


According to a recent study, the worldwide neobanking market, which is expected to be worth $47.39 billion in 2021, would grow at a CAGR of 53.4% between 2022 and 2030.

Cost-effective alternative to challenger and traditional banks.


Neobanking solutions have an average user penetration of 2.5% in 2022, according to a recent Statista analysis, and are projected to reach 5.8% by 2027.

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