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Are you looking for the No.1 & Best SEO Company in India? Rank your business website for high-traffic targeted business keywords! If yes, then Fixdot Technologies is always ready to help you achieve your business goals. We are located in Faridabad, Haryana (India). We provide you with low-cost SEO packages with which you can easily afford our SEO services. Fixdot Technologies is one of the top 10 Indian Search Engine Optimization companies, We are a team of 50+ experienced youth. We have 8+ years of vast experience in providing digital marketing and result-oriented search engine optimization services. Our aim is to bring your business to the top of the search results by working according to all Google algorithms. We are known to follow the White Hat Search Engine Optimization methodology.


Service, Served By Fixdot Technologies –

There are many businesses in various other parts of India that are availing Fixdot search engine optimization services.

  • The foremost business for which Fixdot is known all over India is provide all the services of SEO for eCommerce. We have a separate, efficient, and effective team for eCommerce. Which is fully focused on providing sales to online shopping sites with search engine optimization.
  • Other business services for pharma companies. There are many companies for which our expert team provides SEO services for Pharma companies.
  • Third is technical support, we also provide SEO services along with website technical support with a proven result guarantee.
  • We have a team of unique search engine optimization experts who are known for providing the best search engine optimization services.

Benefits of Choosing Our SEO Agency in India

Team Fixdot Technologies is always updated with the latest algorithms of Google. Over the past several years, Google has changed its search engine optimization techniques significantly and is working more efficiently focused on users/visitors. All the latest Google algorithms are Google Hummingbird Algorithm, Google Pigeon Algorithm, (Google Panda Algorithm, Google Phantom Algorithm, Google Penguin 4.0 Algorithm, and Google Broad Core Algorithm). We follow these latest technologies seriously and work on SEO accordingly.

Best SEO services Provider in India - FixDot Technologies

SEO is more important for businesses as it gives them the visibility they need to attract customers in today’s digital world. People search online before making a purchase, so brands provide a lot of importance to SEO as it is the best strategy to reach the target audience. When the pandemic hit the whole world, the need for SEO reached a new high. People doing traditional business have also realized that they need to accelerate digital because at this time it has become more important to take the help of SEO to get rapid growth in business. Let us help you ensure Fixdot Technologies SEO services across India, We have provided you with a trusted online presence since 2015.

Fixdot Technologies has gradually become a leading SEO company not only in India but in the world. Today, internet marketing services have become the need of everyone all over the world. Fixdot is playing a major role in online marketing in India. Our team has established our selves as the best SEO service provider in India. We make our clients’ business visible by providing them with the necessary expertise to increase their business search ranking on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and help our clients to maximize their business in the country or abroad. We meet face-to-face with our clients to help them achieve their goals by developing and implementing strategies that deliver results.

Web Marketing

Fixdot Technologies is an acclaimed SEO Company in India solely focused on providing top results within a stipulated time period through the optimization of traffic and conversion. At us, commitment is the company’s core philosophy; hence, we make every effort to deliver the best results for the business within the allotted time. SEO services have become a fundamental factor for any successful business in the web market. It shows the way to take your business to a different height. Only top-ranked websites can make maximum success and profit in the business world. Our company Fixdot Technologies is known for its professional and assured results through Search Engine Optimization services in India. We believe that regular and organized steps will bring possible and probable results for business success within a very limited period of time.

SEO Strategy – How to Rank Your Website

We have experienced marketers, copywriters, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, data analysts, and company development specialists. We have over 8 years of experience in effectively scaling businesses and startups around the world. Not only have we increased website traffic, but our company has helped many businesses grow. We have an SEO experts team who create a complete SEO strategy that brings more profit to your business. Our SEO team works continuously to get better results for our clients. We have highly trained SEO employees. We have a large team of experts who execute the vision to rank your site by working to optimize your website for keywords important to your business. We aim to deliver results tailored to your business. We also receive content from you about your business.  So that your customer can get to know about your business well and socialize your product well, he can also come in contact with you, he can make the best deal with you, and Customers can stay in touch with you.

SEO Process

The strategy employed by us has a structured and organized process:

  • We present a suitable offer that starts with our SEO-based analysis based on your website. If you feel that your website is useless and not getting any traffic, then we identify the prevalent problems of your website. Then leave it to us to give it a new life with our SEO services.

  • When you submit your website for SEO, we identify the keywords needed for the website and generate a keyword analysis report based on the client’s recommendations
  • We present an SEO report document. These are periodic progress reports so that the client can understand the pace at which the work is progressing.

  • We then generate an initial pre-optimization report and ranking report that specifies the ranking of the client’s website before taking any action. This lets the client see where he currently stands and helps him set goals for where he wants to take his website.

  • Our SEO report is an on-page optimization report that details changes to be made to content and meta tags. We employ to completely transform the client’s website so that maximum traffic can be brought to the website.

  • Finally, we present an SEO Full Report, which is a summary of the work done during the entire month, including off-page optimization, crawl errors, keyword ranking, and strategy for the next month.

More about our SEO services in India

So, save your money by implementing any of the low-cost search engine optimization techniques provided by Fixdot Technologies. Just call, or mail us to discuss more! We assure you the best results that last for a long time. This clears up some queries related to implementing SEO services in India for your business.


Being one of the best SEO companies in India, Fixdot Technologies can be your ideal digital partner. Our innovative and differentiated marketing strategy makes every effort and campaign successful. All you have to do is share your business details and rely on the expertise of our SEO company that we have gained through 8 years of experience and advanced analytics skills. You are at liberty to compare our services with others and then decide, Fixdot Technologies.

Not just for SEO, but all our strategies begin with knowing our customers, making all efforts to meet their expectations, and understanding their needs. Being the best SEO service provider in India, we strive to discover and further the objective of our client’s businesses and their target audience. Our Search Engine Optimization team reviews the details to finalize SEO strategies to achieve our client’s goals. We focus on their competitors and their industry. This helps us to know about information trends in the industry and consumer preferences.

Yes, we have helped many local businesses achieve the first position on local search engines. We encourage you to discuss your local SEO needs in detail with us and we will be happy to assist you.